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EGU, digital media, 2022

This artwork has its origins in a photo I took of some damp marks on the ceiling of a hospital waiting room. Through the use of layering software which I incorporate in many of my works, I have created an artwork which depicts a freeze frame of what could be interpreted as some kind of explosion. It could be an explosion on the cosmic scale or it could be an explosion on a smaller scale, perhaps an explosion of purple and white pigment. The nature of the original damp marks have given this work inherent depth which is the main reason why I love this piece so much.

I will always associate this artwork with an anxious time in my life as I was sitting in a hospital waiting room at the time I saw this damp patch. This initial anxiety fortunately resolved itself which in turn adds extra significance this to work. The title "EGU" is a medical acronym which I wont go into the details of.

Fortunately there was no one in the room apart from my wife when I took the picture of this damp patch. My wife is some what accustomed to me taking pictures of seemingly odd details. However, I do wonder what people think of me when they see me capturing scuff marks on the side of a fuse box for example. In such instances, perhaps I should have the courage of approaching these people with my business card and signposting them to my website where they can see the transformations I create!

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